The ProFusion system uses one cold keg of cold brew coffee, tea or your craft beverage of choice and dispenses two different style beverages from a single keg (nitrogenated or lightly carbonated, and still beverage on tap).


This system comes factory assembled with a plug and play design. The iN2-DD2P comes complete with the direct draw cooler, two tap tower, and our ProFusion injection device to give you everything you would need to enhance your beverage offerings.
The iN2-TK2P can use your existing back bar and integrate the iN2-DD2P system into it. When paired with our iN2 draft tower, you can use our ProFusion kit to dispense cold brew and nitro brew from a single keg of beverage product

Here is a brief overview of the ProFusion system! To view the original video you can follow this link: Video