Find out how Lazy Dog is bringing Crysalli to their restaurants!


Lazy Dog Montclair CA


 Lazy Dog collage 1There's nothing lazy about Lazy Dog and their chilled water service. Partnering with Crysalli Beverage Systems, Lazy Dog has installed a CR-1MS unit to keep the cold water coming. In anticipation of really busy times, they pre-fill carafes of water and store them in the cooler until they need them.

With Crysalli, Lazy Dog helps the environment and saves costs: From large 22 oz glasses full of ice to 5 oz with NO ice. Now that's a treat! The increased speed of service makes even the laziest dogs happy!

When it comes to serving customers with quality drinks, Lazy Dog isn't opting for anything less than perfection.

Visit Lazy Dog in Montclair and enjoy the Crysalli experience.


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