CBR V2 SDLXTwo Valve, Two Product


  • CBR-V2C-SDLX Chrome finish option
  • CBR-V2GLD-SDLX Gold finish option
  • CBR-V2BLC-SDLX Black Chrome finish option






  • Flow rate is adjustable to your liking and can be locked in a specific setting
  • Faucet flow rate: 1.5-2 oz per second
  • Ideal for self service; Cup push to dispense sanitary levers, self closing faucets with downward pointing nozzles
  • Tower height: 20.25”
  • Bottle filling clearance: 11”
  • ADA friendly: sanitary lever lowers activation point of the faucet by 6.25”
  • Ergonomic handles or SS knobs
  • Supplied with quick connect fittings for easy hook-up to our CR-4L38 trunkline
  • Comes with base gasket for water tight seal to counter
  • For use and pairing with all Crysalli remote chillers
  • Weight: 14 lbs


pdf Spec Sheet (1.52 MB)

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